Nolte BC 1500 Sandcleaner

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This type of machine is designed for operation with agricultural towing vehicles without hydraulic. Large sand surfaces are cleaned quickly and effectively. With improved safety standard. For a clean environment.


The NOLTE BC 1500 attaches easily to any tractor.
Conforms to EU CE standard.

The NOLTE BC 1500 can easily be connected to and moved by any tractor without hydraulic more than 25 kW (34 HP).

The BC1500 is controlled by the tractor. Wheels or transport trailers are not necessary. The unique "piggy-back" system enables the transport of this unit on public roads.

Two exchangeable screen sizes filter both coarse and fine sand.

The filtered waste empties into an easily removed collecting bin.

•Mechanics are driven by the tractor without hydraulic. Minimum capacity of the tractor: min. 25kW (34 HP)



The NOLTE BC 1500 in "piggyback"-process on its' way to clean the beach. Only a few minutes are necessary to connect the machine to the tractor. The mechanics is driven by means of a cardan shaft.
The machine is controlled at the tractor.

Wheels or transport trailers are not necessary.

Due to the low dead weight of the machine there will be no problems for the tractor and the sand cleaner to cover larger distances on roads.

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